Operational Philosophy

  • Market Orientation

    Market Orientation

    Develop a sound, well-defined and efficient governance system;

    Implement a performance-based and competitive incentive mechanism;

    Pursue financial sustainability and reasonable investment returns in the medium and long-term.

  • International Standard

    International Standard

    Comply with relevant laws and regulations, international rules and industry standards;

    Honor and promote green and sustainable development;

    Seek consensus and work together with international market players.

  • Professional Excellence

    Professional Excellence

    Put in place a sound and well-defined investment decision-making and management system;

    Pursue innovation and professional excellence;

    Build a specialized direct investment team composed of talent with international competitiveness.


The basic elements of the Fund’s logo are wavy lines, with the upper lines representing sand waves in desert and the lower lines representing ocean waves. The two groups of lines meet in the middle, signifying the Fund’s mission of serving the Belt and Road and promoting connectivity. The two groups of lines are in the shape of an open circle on the outside with a square hole in the center, like an ancient Chinese coin. This design signifies that the Fund pursues market orientation, international standard and professional excellence in its development. The logo is mainly in the color of gold, which represents warmth, prosperity and wealth.