The Silk Road Fund Begins Operations
Date: 16 February 2015

After President Xi Jinping announced China would contribute US$40 billion to establish the Silk Road Fund on November 8, 2014, relevant departments began immediately working on establishing the Fund. The Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd. was incorporated and officially began operations on December 29, 2014, in Beijing.

The Fund is jointly funded by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, China Investment Corporation, Export-Import Bank of China, and China Development Bank in accordance with the Company Law of the People's Republic of China. As a medium to long-term investment fund, it follows market practices, international and professional standards, and focuses on identifying investment opportunities, providing financing and investment services along the Belt and Road.

The Fund adheres to a philosophy of engaging in market-oriented operations, creating mutual benefit, and being open and inclusive. It respects the rules of international economics and primarily makes equity investment in broad sectors such as infrastructure, energy & resources, industrial and financial cooperation, and endeavors to promote common development and prosperity. In the meantime, the company seeks to achieve reasonable financial returns and sustainable development in the medium to long term. The Silk Road Fund welcomes participation by domestic and international investors.