The Fund invests in infrastructure, resources and energy development, industrial capacity cooperation and financial cooperation. The Fund respects international standards and norms, and follows the laws and regulations of China and the host countries.

As of March 2017, the Fund had concluded contracts for 15 projects with total investment commitment of about US$ 6 billion. These projects cover such fields as infrastructure, energy and resource development, and industrial and financial cooperation, and involve countries and regions such as Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia, North Africa and Europe. In addition, the Fund has also invested USD2 billion to establish the China-Kazakhstan Production Capacity Cooperation Fund.

Infrastructure: We are committed to enhancing connectivity of infrastructure, with focus on the alignment of infrastructure construction planning with technical standard systems, in an attempt to build a comprehensive, multi-level connectivity network.

Resources and energy development: While strengthening cooperation in exploring and developing traditional energy resources, we boost multi-level interactions in the areas of clean and renewable energy, aiming to establish extensive cooperation in energy resources.

Industrial capacity cooperation: By aligning China's advance production capacities with overseas demands, we support equipment, technology, standards and services going global to drive the development of host countries’ economy and society.

Financial cooperation: Under an improved framework on investment and financing cooperation, we innovate the model of financial cooperation and strengthen cooperation with international financial institutions to jointly build an open, diversified and mutually beneficial platform for financial cooperation.